Electric Hammer Drill

SDS MAX Electric hammer drill

SDS MAX Electric hammer drill

Employing high quality alloy steel for drilling body and tungsten carbide for drilling tip, and in combination with various types of electric hammer. The drill is one of the most efficient tools suitably and widely used for hole drilling in hard materials like concerte and brick in construction & installation industries. Available in sandblast, bright finish, black oxide, brown color etc.


1.Material: high quality YG8C carbide tip;  40 Cr drilling body.

2.Sizes available: dia from 10-40mm; length from 280-1000mm.

3.Manufacture, factory price

4.strict quality control 

5.plenty experience 

6.timely delivery 

7.OEM acceptable


plastic tube, pvc  bag, hanger or as your requested.You can choose the packages for your need. we can design for you with your lables, logos, printings, markings.

MAX & HEX Shank Electric Hammer Drill
Dia X Length (mm) Flat Head Cross Head Dia X Length (mm) Flat Head Cross Head Dia X Length (mm) Flat Head Cross Head
10X280     20X800     30X800    
10X340     20X1000     30X1000    
10X400     22X280     32X280    
10X505     22X340     32X340    
12X280     22X400     32X400    
12X340     22X505     32X505    
12X400     22X600     32X600    
12X505     22X800     32X800    
14X280     22X1000     32X1000    
14X340     25X280     35X280    
14X400     25X340     35X340    
14X505     25X400     35X400    
14X600     25X505     35X505    
16X280     25X600     35X600    
16X340     25X800     35X800    
16X400     25X1000     35X1000    
16X505     28X280     38X280    
16X600     28X340     38X340    
18X280     28X400     38X400    
18X340     28X505     38X505    
18X400     28X600     38X600    
18X505     28X800     38X800    
18X600     28X1000     38X1000    
20X280     30X280     40X400    
20X340     30X340     40X505    
20X400     30X400     40X600    
20X505     30X505     40X800    
20X600     30X600     40X1000